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Three Generations 

Talaya’s began over 45 years ago in New Mexico. In 1975, Sally Ann Milavec began her journey into jewelry making in order to support her family with the birth of her daughter, Talaya. 


In 1995, her daughter Talaya joined her and together, they focused on inspirational pieces to provide strength and hope for life's journey. 


In 2015, Sally Ann’s granddaughter, Talaya Ann, joined the family business with new vision to expand far beyond what Sally Ann imagined in 1975. In 2017, Cheyanna joined the team bursting with creativity inspiring new designs to spread His word.

Our prayer for you is to enjoy this jewelry your entire lifetime and to pass it down generations to come.


Our jewelry is designed and crafted in the United States and based in Austin, Texas.

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Our fine Jewelry is more than an adornment and object of beauty, it’s handcrafted to honor your journey in life and in faith. Artfully crafted to celebrate everyday moments and inspire extraordinary ones, we make pieces that will walk through this life with you as a reminder of your purpose.

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