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Genesis creates Christian jewelry to be a continued source of inspiration; an inspiration of hope, of purpose, of love, of celebration, and everything in between. 


One-tenth of an ounce, pure gold coin jewelry honoring  God and America.

Genesis Jewelry Gold Coin Necklace and Gold Coin Ring.  Fine Christian Jewelry.
Genesis Jewelry's Ten Commandment's Sterling Silver Necklace.  Ten Commandments Bangle.  Ten Commandments Link Bracelet in sterling silver and gold.


Classic Christian bracelets and necklaces for everyday wear to serve as encouragement to practice the Ten Commandments. God's divine instructions for living an abundant life.


Transforming sentimental diamond jewelry into modern heirlooms. Repurposed jewelry designed for today's enjoyment. Custom engagement rings, natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, semi-precious stones and more.

Contact us to make your next special jewelry keepsake.

Genesis Jewelry. Christian Engagement Rings.  Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings.
Image by Ahmad Qime


Our fine Christian jewelry is handcrafted to honor your journey in life and in faith. Artfully crafted to celebrate everyday moments and inspire extraordinary ones. We make scripture bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings that will walk through this life with you as a reminder of your purpose.

Over the past decade, I have collected the uniquely designed scripture bracelets, one of a kind pendants, rings and earrings and have given gifts with meaning to my loved ones and friends. 

"Trust in the Lord" was my first 14 karat gold and silver scripture bracelet that I never took off. As the seasons in my life changed, I added the sterling silver “Be Still and Know that I Am God, and as I practice mindfulness, I now have: “Living One Day at a Time”. I treasure Genesis exquisite jewelry!

Monica G

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